Strategic business decisions rely on timely, accurate, and transparent, financial information 

Eliminate issues associated with traditional invoice scanning. OnePosting, created an alternative technology to OCR.

This results in data that you can rely on.

 ZERO Errors

Zero Errors V2



How can you make good business decisions if the information you rely on is not 100% accurate? 

Is 99.8% accuracy good enough? This percentage is often considered the “gold standard” for extracting data from invoices using the traditional OCR scanning method, but did you know that this can equate to accurate data from as few to 7 in 10 invoices? 

This inaccuracy has led us to develop an alternative, more accurate technology, that allows us to extract invoice data with ZERO Errors. 

With OnePosting, you can make better informed business decisions which results in 

Lower operating costs

Improved margins 

Smarter Interpretation 

We specialize in extracting data from accounting transactions, including: 

  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Fee & Credit Notes 
  • Credit Memos
  • Statements 

Focusing exclusively on these documents means our technology interprets the data extracted to reduce mistakes. This leads to:  

  • Lower costs associated with error correction
  • Reduced risk of incorrect decisions based on misinterpreted data 
Reduce Mistakes

Rules Based Automation 

Automation Rules



Our invoice automation solutions uses a suite of “intelligent rules” to deliver levels of automation to enable organizations to be as lean and efficient as possible. 

Rules can be customized, such as to permit rounding differences between invoices and purchase orders, or to route exceptions to specific individuals for review, approval or rejection. 

Rules based automation can also: 

  • Improve service levels
  • Improve cash forecasting and use of funds
  • Provide easier access to information 
  • Free staff to focus on more productive tasks 
Our ZERO Error technology is used by organizations around the world who have eliminated manual processes in their accounting functions, while reducing paper handling, reducing costs and growing their business. 

 Key Benefits


Redeploy Resources 

Release accounts staff from manual duties to focus on more productive tasks that add value to your organizaiton. 

Reduce Errors 

Minimize the risk of human error from data entry, or from matching invoices to purchase orders and/or receiving transactions. 

Improve Cash Flow 

With OnePosting, you can improve cash flow by reducing days outstanding and paying suppliers on time. You can also draw down funds against approved invoices or enable suppliers to the do the same.

More Informed Decisions

With access to accurate data and information, you and your team can make informed decisions that deliver positive results, and contribute to your bottom line. 


Shorten the time to close accounting periods, and react faster to market conditions by getting access to real-time data. 

 Increase Efficiency With Automation

Customer Invoicing

Use OnePosting to distribute invoices to customers efficiently, while empowering them with a “self-service” access portal. 

  • Send invoices by e-mail even if your system doesn’t allow this
  • See when customers have accessed and opened your invoices
  • Redeploy staff to focus on overdue payments, vs fulfilling request for copy invoices 
  • NO risk- no IT project required
  • Eliminate paper and improve sustainability 
Supplier Invoicing

OnePosting is best suited for organizations with multiple locations with a moderate to high invoice volume

  • Automate checking invoices against purchase orders 
  • Workflow with approval matrix to review and authorize invoices not subject to auto-matching 
  • Handle all types of invoices including overheads, service, inventory and materials
  • Redeploy staff from invoice checking to more productive tasks 
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Increase productivity, improve accuracy, and receive better data with OnePosting