B2b- OnePosting

If you can deliver invoices to customers in the way they have agreed to receive them, in a timely manner, and with supporting documentation available, you will get less queries, and greatly increase your chances of getting paid on time. 

You don’t even need an IT project! Simply send all invoices in PDF format to OnePosting and we will do the rest. We extract data from the PDF invoices, so that we can send them by email for most customers, create data files for customers that require them in other formats, and we provide an online self- service facility for customers to retrieve and view invoices themselves. 

It works just like electronic banking for your customers, i.e. they can see all invoices, credit notes/ memos, back up documents and statements. 

Depending on the configuration, the customers may be able to view which invoices are outstanding and their current account balance. 




Irrespective of the way they were distributed, all customers can avail of online access to view their invoices, credit notes and statements. This helps to reduce queries as customers have access to all of the information they need to pay their invoices at their fingertips. 

If invoices are distributed using OnePosting’s Secure Digital Envelopes, your credit control team can monitor customers that have not accessed them. 

Significant reduction in the number of people contacting you to get copies of invoices. 

Customers can drill down from invoices to view any supporting documents that have been provided. 

Price change notifications, dunning letters, and promotions can be included with invoices as they are distributed to customers. 



EXPERTISE: OnePosting is managed by the most experienced team in the industry that have been automating the payment process for over 25 years

BEST FIT: We listen to our clients until we understand their needs. Only then do we provide specialized automated invoicing solutions that makes it easier for both you and your client to navigate your invoice

CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: OnePosting’s solution does it all. Our unique, world leading technology is scalable to service clients and improve efficiencies. It is simple to use and easy to integrate

SUPPORT: Our invoice automation solution is backed up by world class support and a consistent approach to implementation and rollout 



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