5 Things to Consider When Selecting e-Invoicing Software

e-Invoicing software is key at helping organizations jump from paper based to electronic invoices.There are still many companies using paper-based invoices, but e-invoicing is growing at approximately 20% a year. The change is happening for many different reasons. In some cases, rules in countries, especially developing countries, where they are enforcing the use of e-invoicing. This is often being done for tax compliance reasons. There are many benefits for organizations to use e-invoicing software to make the change including reducing costs, improving productivity, getting paid faster, and many more things. Making a switch to e-invoicing software is an important decision for an organization. Here are a few things that organizations should consider when selecting e-invoicing software.
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invoice technology

7 Benefits of Invoice Technology

Today there are many aspects of invoice technology that can improve the invoice process for organizations. The first invoice may be over 20,000 years old and etched into bone, and thankfully we have come a long way since then. However with major advances in accounting technology, printed paper of a PDF invoice is now considered antiquated as well. Here are some areas invoice technology can impact your organization.
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Invoice approval

How to Streamline Your Invoice Approval Process

There are many ways to improve your accounts payable and invoice approval, which are often overlooked. Invoice approval is still a manual process for many organizations, and this can lead to various issues including delays in processing, excessive manual labour, and even invoice fraud even invoice fraud.

Here are few areas where an AP software solution can help with invoice approval.

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