Accounts Payable Scanning is Old Technology

“Accounts payable scanning is old technology,” is a popular refrain that comes up as we talk to organizations. They have issues with their accounts payable department, specifically getting invoices into the system. Although accounts payable scanning provides an alternative copy to paper, it does not truly help to document and store the vital data on the invoice.  Once an organization realizes they have a solution, the question is what to do. This blog will focus on some of the pitfalls at looking at an accounts payable scanning solution.
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Digitizing Invoices with OnePosting

Over the last year, we have changed our branding from smarter invoicing to a focus on digitizing invoices. We feel that digitizing invoices is a better representation of what OnePosting helps our clients resolve. Our solution is fairly unique in the industry, as we can extract the data from an emailed PDF. right down to the line item from an e-invoice. Here are a few of the main differentiators of the OnePosting solution.
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invoice digitization

Benefits of Invoice Digitization

One of the big current themes in finance is digital transformation. One of the best places to start is invoice digitization. An invoice is a dated and addressed list of goods sent or services provided, with pricing and tax details. The digitization of this invoice allows for the information to support automated processes. The digitaization of an invoice unlocks the information within the invoice. This information can then be used in many different ways to support Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and many different reporting uses. Here are a few of the benefits for your organization to look at invoice digitization.
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