About Ballygowan

Ballygowan remains the undisputed leader in the Irish bottled water market with 22% share in grocery, 50% in licensed trade and 44% in the water cool section. More than 60 million litres of natural water are distributed from its plant each year, which is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the UK and Ireland.

Ballygowan prior to OnePosting:

The Problem:
The Vision:

They saw that by eliminating paper, reducing errors and speeding up the payment process, electronic invoicing would greatly improve their billing process while bringing dramatic cost savings to Ballygowan. They also saw multiple benefits for their customers, including the ease and speed of online transactions along with the knowledge that they are contributing towards a greener environment.

Ballygowan’s vision was to roll out OnePosting’s Electronic Invoicing system in an efficient and timely manner, with minimum disruption to customers. Ballygowan sends out thousands of invoices each month and they wanted a hassle-free switch from paper to electronic invoicing. Ballygowan’s key driver in choosing OnePosting was the need for a secure e-Invoicing system that is simple for their customers to use, yet robust enough to facilitate their billing process.

With the OnePosting system:

The Solution:
Benefits to Ballygowan:

The OnePosting team worked quickly with Ballygowan to integrate its Electronic Invoicing system with their backend systems. This implementation has been highly successful: in the first six months of rolling out this service, Ballygowan has already reduced postal invoices by 50%, which is the equivalent of enough paper to cover Croke Park, Ireland’s largest sports stadium, each year. Additionally, by moving their invoicing facility online, Ballygowan is enjoying improved debtor management and lower administrative costs.

Instead of receiving paper invoices, Ballygowan customers receive an email alerting them to access a secure online portal where they view and accept their invoices online. Customers have 24×7 access, so they can view their invoices at their leisure at no cost. OnePosting managed the migration of customers from post to online and operates a postal system for those who prefer to receive invoices by traditional mail.

  • Reducing postal invoices by 50%
  • Improved debtor management
  • Lower administrative costs