About Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility Products Canada is a world-leader in the design, development and manufacturing of health mobility products for people with disabilities and mobility difficulties. Pride has its head office in Exeter, Pennsylvania, USA, and has subsidiaries in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, and Australia. Pride is devoted to establishing a global representation to ensure customers worldwide are best served.

Pride Mobility prior to OnePosting:

The Problem:

Pride had a traditional invoice process with nearly all of their invoices being sent to customers in the mail. Typical for a company in the health industry, Pride’s cost of invoicing and the manual process that came with physical invoicing were proving hard to justify.

OnePosting had an initial meeting with Brian Fisher, Managing Director for Pride Mobility Products Canada. He had this to say:

“We were very excited to hear that OnePosting had a solution to move all of our invoicing online. This would benefit our customers and our business. The potential for efficiencies and cost reduction attracted us even further.”

With the OnePosting system:

They now send 95% of their invoices electronically, saving them both time and money.

Pride also saved 60% on mailing costs.

The Solution:
The Benefits for Pride:

Pride decided that the smart move was to bring OnePosting into the equation. Pride’s invoices continued to be generated as normal. The only change from their former invoicing process would be that invoices wouldn’t have to be printed anymore, saving the company on physical material costs as well as mail costs.

Their invoices would now be posted to their Oracle ERP system. From that point, OnePosting’s software would identify the new invoices and send them to OnePosting’s Canadian Data Centre. The next step would be the secure, electronic delivery of invoices to Pride’s customers.

  • Removal of mail costs:
    • “I’m delighted that we made the switch to OnePosting. With the announcement from Canada Post to dramatically increase their prices, it feels good for our business to not have to rely on a dated service.” Judith, Office Manager
  • Streamlined process:
    • “The removal of paper and manual processes has been a breath of fresh air. We now feel that we’re operating in the 21st century.” Stephanie, Accounts Receivable
  • Reduced queries:
    • “When we first met with OnePosting, we identified the merits of moving to electronic invoices. We thought it would be of great benefit to our customers to receive their invoicing faster while being able to access their previous invoices at the touch of a button.” Brian, Managing Director