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OnePosting’s solution is customized for the construction sector. Our solution connects to your existing accounting, finance, or ERP system to eliminate hassle with integration. We don’t change the way you do business. Instead, we automate your manual processes around the handling and processing of invoices for accounts payable. 

OnePosting’s solution gives better visibility of invoices and AP status, from the minute invoices are sent to your organization. Invoices from suppliers can be checked for a valid PO, quantity, pricing, and tax before they reach your team. Errors and omissions can be returned. Once an invoice has been approved, it can be posted to the accounting system or ERP system without any of the traditional manual entry. 

There is no IT spend or infrastructure involved and out industry leading invoice data extraction technology ensures that we’ll have you up and running in no time. 



Monitoring profitability of jobs in “real time”

Central visibility of all current and pending financial commitments 

Compliance with prompt payment laws

Traceability and accountability for every invoice

Multiple approvals for high value invoices

Ensures that Ontario companies are compliant with the Construction Act  



EXPERTISE: OnePosting is managed by the most experienced team in the industry that have been automating invoice processes for over 25 years 

BEST FIT: We listen to our clients until we understand their needs. Only then do we provide specialized automated invoicing solutions that makes it easier for both you and your client to navigate your invoice. 

CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: OnePosting’s solution does it all. Our unique, world leading technology is scalable to service clients and improve efficiencies. It is simple to use and easy to integrate. 

SUPPORT: Our invoice automation solution is backed up by world class support and a consistent approach to implementation and rollout 



To learn more about how OnePosting can increase the efficiency and productivity of your team, please contact us!