Get Paid Faster with OnePosting 

Webinar: Remove Barriers In Getting Paid

Date & Time 

Join us on DATE at TIME as we host an informative webinar that will highlight how OnePosting can free you and your team from manual data entry.

With contributions from Wellwise by Shoppers, Equipet, Carrolls Irish Gifts, Polar Ice, Louis Fitzgerald Group and Medisystem Pharmacy, we will highlight the most common reasons for payment delays and outline practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of one of your invoices being delayed.

This webinar will cover: 

Representative from CUSTOMER NAMES and other companies will provide will provide tips to avoid the most common reasons for delay in getting paid 

You can learn how you can monitor the progress of your invoices 

We will share insights into increasing the chances of invoices passing successfully through automated processing systems

Do your invoices pass the “rookie” test? 


Reserve your spot and explore the many benefits of invoice automation! 

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