Retail & Brands

OnePosting has great solutions for both retailers and brands. For retailers, the Accounts Payable module can help improve the productivity around receiving supplier invoices and the associated approval process. For brands, the biggest opportunity is to use the Accounts Receivable module to help get paid faster and with less cost. Our solution connects to your existing accounting, finance, or ERP. We are not changing the way you do business but rather helping to automate manual processes around the handling and processing of invoices for both accounts receivable and accounts payable. IT involvement is not needed, or only takes minimal involvement, because of our industry-leading invoice reading technology.

OnePosting can help organizations get paid faster, improve the productivity of the finance team, as well as getting better visibility on supplier invoices through data mining down to the line item, significantly reduce paper, and save money. Our clients typically find savings ranging from 25% to 60%.

Here are some of the specific ways we can help organizations like yours:


Accounts Payable (Receiving Invoices)

  • Ability to check invoices for a valid PO, quantity, pricing, and tax before they reach your team. Errors and omissions can be sent back to suppliers.
  • Get better visibility of invoices and AP status, from the minute invoices are sent to your organization.
  • Create an automated and customized flow of approvals to incorporate different locations that is also overseen by the finance team. Identify where invoice approvals are being delayed.
  • Once an invoice has been approved it can be posted to the accounting system or ERP system without any of the traditional manual entry.

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Accounts Receivable (Sending Invoices)

  • Invoices can be sent digitally, through the mail, or even be uploaded into a hub.
  • Provide better visibility for the AR team and get paid faster by your customers.
  • Make the invoice experience better for your customers by bundling together invoices from multiple branch locations.
  • The OnePosting digital envelope drives further cost savings by allowing not only the invoice but other supporting documentation to be sent along with it (eg. POD) and then providing online access to all this data for the retailer to access at any time.

By switching to OnePosting, Pride Mobility now sends 95% of their invoices electronically, saving them both time and money.

Pride Mobility Case Study