Staffing Agencies

OnePosting is an excellent fit Staffing Agencies that are looking to improve their Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes. Our solution connects to your existing accounting, finance, payroll, or ERP. We are not changing the way you do business but rather working to automate manual processes around the handling and processing of invoices for both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. IT involvement is not needed, or only takes minimal involvement, this is because of our industry-leading invoice reading technology.

The biggest opportunity for staffing firms is improvements in the invoicing process from contractors. There can be significant savings in not only the manual work around receiving invoices but also in adding the data to your financial systems and payroll.

Accounts Payable (Receiving Invoices)

  • Ability to check invoices for valid pricing, taxes, and customer information.
  • A web portal makes it easy for contractors to submit invoices and supporting documents like time cards.
  • Create an automated and customized flow of approvals to your team members that can be overseen by the finance team.
  • Once an invoice has been approved it can be passed on to the accounting system and payroll or contractor payment system without all the manual entry.

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Accounts Receivable (Sending Invoices)

  • Migrate invoices more quickly from paper-based to electronic, which saves time and money for your organization.
  • Still have the ability to present invoices to your customers electronically or in the post.
  • Get visibility on email opens and incorrect addresses which allows organizations to get paid faster.
  • Bundle together invoices into digital envelopes, further saving money and improving the invoicing experience for your customer.