Improve Accounts Receivable Practices: Invoice Management 

Keeping your invoices organized can be an overwhelming task, but with OnePosting there are endless ways in which you can improve your invoice management with these accounts receivable practices.

Is your account receivable team struggling to stay organized? We see such poor practices carried out time and time again, when there is an easier way. With OnePosting, you can stay on top of all invoices, and have a clear picture of the health of your accounts receivable department. 

With these accounts receivable practices around invoice management thanks to OnePosting’s invoice automation software, you can have a clear read on all active invoices. Get the visibility you need to ensure that days outstanding (DSO’s) are reduced, improve customer service, and optimize your accounts receivable process overall. 

Send Invoices in a Timely Manner

The quicker the customer gets the invoice the faster it gets paid. Invoicing goes beyond invoice creation, it is the distribution of the invoice that can take time. When an invoice is mailed, there is the process of printing it, assembling it, adding postage, delivery, opening and processing it and then adding it to a finance system. Paper invoice processes can be a symptom of a bad AR practice when it comes to invoice management, where sending them digitally can save you time and help you track invoices more accurately. 

Eliminate Invoice Errors

Invoice errors are often due to manual errors. Invoice mistakes such as dollar amounts or incorrect quantities or billing details cause delay in payments. With OnePosting, such mistakes and discrepancies can be flagged immediately to prevent further delays. 

Eliminate Paper & Go Digital

We are huge advocates of digitization. The benefits of going digital are endless, but when it comes to managing your accounts receivable, consider eliminating paper checks to automate your AR process. When you move to a digital automation solution, you can ensure that all information on your invoice like contact details, balance due, payment terms etc are correct, and you can see which customers have opened an invoice. By moving to a paperless process you can simplify and streamline your process all while getting the accuracy you need to keep your accounts in check. 

Concentrate Information

With a solution like OnePosting, you can concentrate all of your information into one location. The customer portal allows customers to access all information in one place, where they can go back and look at relevant information including orders and invoices. This gives your AR team the ability to access information from anywhere, at any time rather than using various invoicing, reporting and payment tools that cause various problems.

With OnePosting, you can do away with scattered, papered invoices that are holding up your AR team. With better accounts receivable practices in place, you can better manage your invoices to allow for quicker and more accurate visibility. The benefits of One Posting extend much further than what we covered here, so book a meeting with us to find out more.