Accounts Receivable Roadblocks

If you work in accounts receivable, you understand how tedious certain tasks can be, but your team can overcome accounts receivable roadblocks with OnePosting invoice automation, and our various solutions. 

With OnePosting, you can overcome various barriers including reducing late payments, improving data management, improving customer satisfaction, all while improving your cash and payment management and above all else, saving time.

There are many ways to improve your accounts receivable process, and the benefits of adopting an invoice automation solution like OnePosting are endless, including tackling these very common roadblocks that exist in the traditional accounts receivable process. Find out how OnePosting can help your AR teams overcome. 

Reduce Late Payments

For many AR teams, they likely experience the stress of ensuring that partners get paid on time, often experiencing late payments, which results in additional problems. With archaic AR processes, it can be difficult knowing why payments are late, or understanding exactly why they are late, and how to address the problem. With OnePosting, your AR team can get the invoice to the customer quickly, and see if the invoice has been opened. If not, a trigger can be set up to notify the AR team to initiate a follow up. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

We know how important customer satisfaction is to your and your business, it’s a vital part of your success story, but it might not be a priority for your AR teams as they are just looking to complete their daily tasks. With our invoice automation solution, you can improve customer satisfaction by adopting a solution that is convenient and accessible to them, so that they can get their invoices and pay them on time while also having access to past invoices and any supporting documentation. 

Improve Cash & Payment Management 

For AR teams, they are aware of the realities of how long it takes for checks to arrive, and the manual process that it requires to reconcile payments. An easy way to overcome this is electronic invoices. Send invoices faster, and get paid faster. 

Save Time 

Finally, with typical AR processes, so much time is wasted manually intervening to find invoices and sort through infinite amounts of paper and data to get the job done. Free your team’s time to focus on more productive tasks, with an invoice automation solution like OnePosting, that reduces time spent manually processing invoices. 

It’s time to do away with the traditional AR processes. The processes that hold up your team from moving forward with more productive tasks that contribute to your business growth. With OnePosting, you can overcome accounts receivable roadblocks to move your business forward. 
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