Accurate and Efficient Invoice Matching with OnePosting

It’s time to stop manually processing your accounts payable, and enhance the visibility of your entire AP process.

It’s time to stop manually processing your accounts payable, and enhance the visibility of your entire AP process with accurate and efficient invoice matching. 

Explore the advantages of OnePosting’s accounts payable capabilities, and how we can automate the processing of supplier invoices and improve spend visibility. 

Invoice matching can be a very tedious and time consuming process for your accounting staff. Although invoice matching is a great way to prevent fraud, and to avoid paying duplicate or inaccurate invoices, paper invoices and other supporting documents are very difficult to track down, creating a very manual heavy process which can cause delays in your AP process. However, by adopting an automated AP process, invoice matching can be a breeze. 

Here is where OnePosting’s automated AP process can help. 

Invoice Matching: 2, 3 & 4 way matching. The matching can include price, quantity and PO number. Match what you need to ensure that the original data can synchronize between your existing ERP system and our AP solution. 

Data Capture: Extract data from invoices with100% numeric accuracy. This allows you to match invoices with other supporting documents accurately and without manual effort. 

Data Verification: OnePosting ensures that prices match purchase orders and quantities match deliveries. Such data verification can ensure that inventory is managed correctly, and also get great visibility on your payables. 

Match Relevant Documents: With our invoice technology you can match relevant documents easily and accurately using our AI technology. 

  • Check pricing against an original purchase order or against an agreement that is place with a supplier
  • Confirm that the items specified on an invoice were delivered or services were provide
  • Save invoice for approval. 

Get Faster Approvals: Create approval rules to ensure that the right documents go to the right team members for approval, and if discrepancies are discovered, invoices can be routed for manual approval. When the system checks the invoice, it will be sent back to the supplier to update and provide the correct information. With our invoice automation software, you can get the visibility you need on your accounts payable process, and ensure that your matching process is accurate. If you are looking for more information about our automated invoicing software, connect with us.