Partner with OnePosting

Would your organization benefit from being a partner with OnePosting?

OnePosting is known for it’s AP and AR invoice solutions, but we have now made our Digitizer engine open to partners. We currently have partners in Fintech and back-office outsourcing, and they are experiencing the benefits of our digitizer, and how it is better than most OCR solutions.

There are some great use cases around digitizing for RPA, Fintech, BIA, ERP, back office, and other software providers. Here are a few of the benefits to partner with OnePosting

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Digitizer better than OCR Software

Do you need access to invoices? Are you looking to extract invoice data? Is OCR Software not accurate enough for you?

Our invoice digitizer technology, which powers the OnePosting platform, is your solution to invoice access and data. We extract invoice details with 100% accuracy so you can submit invoices, and in return, receive a clean, accurate, XML dataset to optimize your team, and your process. With our digitizer technology, you have a set of data you can rely on rather than relying on OCR software.

Our digitizer adds value to your existing infrastructure to enhance your workflow, and enhance your back office system, without uprooting your current workflow and disrupting your team.

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