Digitizer Better than OCR Software

If you are looking to access invoices, extract invoice data with accuracy but you are not getting those results, then it is time to try our digitizer which is better than OCR.

Our invoice digitizer technology, which powers the OnePosting platform, is your solution to invoice access and data. We extract invoice details with 100% accuracy so you can submit invoices, and in return, receive a clean, accurate, XML dataset to optimize your team, and your process. With our digitizer technology, you have a set of data you can rely on rather than relying on OCR software.

Our digitizer is better than OCR as it adds value to your existing infrastructure to enhance your workflow, and enhance your back office system, without uprooting your current workflow and disrupting your team.

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to invoice data, it can be difficult to extract accurate data from an image or a PDF. We take invoice data, one step further. Our technology reads the coding that sits underneath these every day formats, and gets direct access to the original content resulting in 100% accuracy in data extraction. 

Unlike OCR where documents need to be checked carefully, and then manually corrected, we can navigate various invoice layouts, eliminate user intervention, and ensure compliance with legal and corporate standards while maintaining output of all relevant data. 

What data can we access?

Having access to complete and accurate data eliminates backfilling, one of the most common ways in which most solutions ‘guess’ what the correct data should be.  This can lead to errors especially if there has been product substitution by a supplier which will not be detected using this methodology.

For some clients, this may be acceptable as long as the price remains the same, but for others, it can have very serious consequences if it impacts on quality, inventory or manufacturing.

Our digitizer can access various data points that are contained within your invoice to ensure all data is accurate and correct, while preventing errors and eliminating backfilling, which are common roadblocks when using OCR software. 

Let’s take a closer look at what data we can access with our digitizer:

Our technology can read various invoice formats, it can handle any volume of invoices, and can handle even the most complex invoice layouts.

How do we do it? 

With our digital technology, we automate the data extraction process so that user intervention is not required. Our technology  provides you with a ‘black-box’ to which you can submit invoices, and in return, receive a clean, accurate, XML dataset.

Our technology scales to handle any volume of invoices, while also handling complex invoice layouts, where lines may be spread across multiple lines. It can also process multiple invoices in a single PDF document or multiple PDFs attached to an email, and our digitizer separates invoices from any backup documents that may have been included with invoices, to ensure that all data is correct and accurate.

Does the digitizer work for me and my business?

Our digitizer can be used across a variety of industries including retail, B2B and construction. It performs well with financial services such as banks and credit insurers, to software companies including ERP developers, and it best suits procurement teams and business intelligence analysts.

Our digital invoice solutions are best suited for: 

  • RPA solution providers 
  • ERP software developers 
  • Independent Software Vendors 
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Invoice finance firms/Bank
  • Credit risk insurers 
  • Auditors 
  • Receivers and Liquidators 
  • Procurement teams 

Our digitizer adds value to your existing infrastructure to enhance your existing workflow, and enhance your back office system. It is designed to provide the maximum benefit to your clients, while enhancing your service to them. 
Are you ready to access your invoice data, and enhance your existing invoice process?

Connect with us today, and start experiencing invoice data and automation as early as tomorrow.