Improve Customer Transparency through AR Automation 

When it comes to the accounts receivable process, you are likely familiar with the manual processes that are preventing your team from delivering great customer service, so why not improve customer transparency with AR automation?

If you work in accounts receivable you understand how some processes are tedious and efficient, which can really take away from making progress in more important areas of the business. When it comes to AR automation, and a solution like OnePosting, you can drive productivity all while increasing cash flow and giving your customers the service they need and deserve to keep your business running optimally. 

How can a solution like OnePosting give you the customers the transparency they deserve? 

Digitized Invoices: Digital invoices give your customers the ability to access their invoices in a way that is fast and convenient, while also being able to view any supporting documentation that is required for approval. Rather than having your clients sift through paper invoices, digital invoices can give them a clear picture of their finances while also giving them the opportunity to address any discrepancies swiftly and with ease. 

Centralized AR: Granting your customers access to a centralized portal that is easy to use empowers them to pay when and how they want to, all while keeping communication lines open to uphold customer satisfaction and transparency. Give your customers the visibility into their account, account status and help them see any outstanding invoices, credits and more importantly payment history. 

Reduce Late Payments: Reduce late payments by eliminating archaic AR processes that prevent your team from knowing what payments are late and why, and how to address any problems in a timely manner. With OnePosting, you can get the invoice to the customer quickly, and see if the invoice has been opened. This creates a more efficient and effective process, all while improving communication and customer satisfaction and transparency. 

Give Customers What They Want: When it comes to transparency, improving customer trust and satisfaction can help improve customer transparency. By granting customers online access to their invoices, credit notes and statements, it allows them to resolve any queries themselves, while also dictating how they prefer to get paid. Giving customers this access will improve your relationship with them, and increase transparency strengthening the customer relationship on all fronts. 

In order for customer transparency to be improved, you need to make sure that your AR team and your AR process is efficient and that time is not wasted on manual tasks such as tracking down paper invoices. When you free up your team’s time, they can focus on more important areas of the business including customer satisfaction and customer transparency. With OnePosting, you can do away with the traditional AR processes, and start putting your customers at the forefront of your business and improve customer transparency. If you are looking for additional ways to improve your AR process, book a meeting with us.