Invoice Financing with Accelerated Payments

invoice financing

We are excited to announce that our brother company Accelerated Payments is proving invoice financing in Europe and North America. At OnePosting we believe in the power of digitizing the invoice. This can provide a wide range of benefits to an organization, including provided working capital. Accelerated Payments utilizes OnePosting to power the invoice presentment and verifications. OnePosting reduces the manual effort and speeds up the process.

Accelerated Payments enables businesses to free up cash trapped in their invoices. Organizations can finance invoices to get immediate working capital. Many SME, startups, and exporters have trouble getting working capital from traditional financial institutions. This could be for a number of reasons too far numerous to mention. Accelerated Payments was created to meet working capital needs with invoice financing.
There are many benefits for business owners including:

  •  Access up to 80% of the invoice in as quickly as 24 hours
  • Easy to use system
  • Quick credit decisions
  • No long term contracts
  • You Decide which invoices you finance
  • No personal guaranteed needed

The process is quick and simple to use. The typical steps include:

  • Apply to Accelerated Payment
  • Get your invoice and customers approved
  • Invoice gets approved by your customer
  • Funds are sent to you
  • Customer pays to a designated bank account
  • The remainder of the money, less the Accelerated Payment fees, are paid

If you would like to understand how finance your invoices and get access to more working capital contact Accelerated Payments.

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