Revolutionizing Restaurant Operations

OnePosting & SynergySuite Join Forces for Unmatched Invoice Processing Efficiency

DUBLIN, IRELAND AND UTAH, USA (MARCH 14, 2024) – In a groundbreaking move set to transform back of house operations across North America and Europe, OnePosting and SynergySuite proudly announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration introduces an innovative solution to supplier invoice processing, especially designed for the restaurant and wider hospitality sectors.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Efficiency

OnePosting’s ZERO Error PDF Invoice Data Extraction technology, now seamlessly integrated with SynergySuite’s leading solutions, promises unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. “In an industry where margins are razor-thin, our technology not only offers cost savings but also a level of management control previously unseen,” explains Finbarr McCarthy, Chief Invoice Automation Evangelist at OnePosting.

Effortless Adaptation for Suppliers

The beauty of this new system lies in its simplicity: suppliers continue their standard billing processes, unburdened by the need for new technology or adjustments. Invoices are emailed as usual, and OnePosting’s software expertly validates each line against data in SynergySuite, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Discrepancies trigger automatic reviews, streamlining operations and enhancing oversight.

Unearthing ‘Financial Leakage’

“Our synergy with SynergySuite goes beyond mere automation. It’s about uncovering ‘financial leakage– those subtle yet significant discrepancies that quietly erode profitability,” states Finbarr McCarthy. This technology is pivotal in helping hospitality businesses reclaim lost revenue.

A Leap in Technology

The partnership’s success stems from OnePosting’s unique,100% accurate data extraction technology, combined with advanced line-level matching software. This integration offers a level of automation previously unattainable in the industry.

A Game-Changer for All Business Sizes

Cristal Ghitman, Director of Strategic Partnerships at SynergySuite, further comments on the partnership’s significance: “This collaboration doesn’t just reinforce our market leadership – it democratizes supplier invoice automation. Businesses of any size can now reap the benefits, without the need for extensive IT projects or altering supplier interactions.”

With this partnership, OnePosting and SynergySuite are not just introducing a new product – but are redefining the standards of operational efficiency in the hospitality industry.

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OnePosting, a leader in invoice automation solutions, specializes in innovative processing technologies, most notably their ZERO Error PDF Invoice Data Extraction system. Renowned for enhancing efficiency and accuracy in invoice processing operations, OnePosting’s solutions seamlessly integrate with existing business systems, offering scalable benefits to a wide range of industries. With a commitment to continuous innovation and customer success, OnePosting is recognized globally for its ability to transform and streamline invoicing processes, thereby empowering businesses of all sizes with improved financial control and operational effectiveness.

About SynergySuite

SynergySuite, a leading provider of back of house management solutions, is a leading provider of back of house profitability tools. Known for its comprehensive and intuitive platform, SynergySuite offers an array of tools designed to optimize margins and efficiency, including inventory management, workforce scheduling, and food safety compliance. With a focus on leveraging data to drive profitability and operational excellence, SynergySuite empowers businesses with real-time insights and streamlined processes. Catering to a diverse clientele, from small eateries to large-scale hospitality groups, SynergySuite is committed to enhancing the financial performance of its partners globally.

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