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One of the challenges with Invoice Software, any kind of software, is getting stakeholders on-boarded. Invoice Software could be used by your employees, customers, suppliers and partners. This is why it’s important to make sure that everyone involved can access your invoice software for seamless processing and sharing. Here are a few things to consider when you are looking to integrate a new Invoice Software solution.

Make it Easy: Reduce the friction for the customer or supplier. The best way to get them on-board is to make it easy for them. As an example, at OnePosting, we can use an existing process, receiving an emailed PDF, to kick off our Accounts Payable Solution. The supplier does not have to change their process to use the software. This means that no time is wasted on introducing new methods causing any unnecessary confusion.
Benefits: All the benefits of a new invoice software should help your make your supplier or customer’s experience easier. For instance allowing for greater visibility on the invoice or improving support around the invoice process will make things quick and easy.
Think about your internal team members: Invoice software on-boarding will likely impact your own team more than your customers or partners. Think about how their job is impacted, what things will take more time or be different for them. A big win for the finance department may not be a big win for sales, project managers, and other team members.
Provide support: Make sure there are resources available to help support all involved while using your new invoice software. This means things like FAQs, videos, and even live support. Often there are big benefits for many stakeholders, make it easy for them to get used to the new systems and processes.
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