No IT Project Needed!

no it project needed

Whenever supplier invoice automation is mentioned, peoples’ first reaction is often to groan and think of all of the work that lies ahead, especially the IT work.

After all, most IT deployments involve lots of heartache, take a lot of effort, cost more than anticipated, and take longer than planned.

So why should the service from OnePosting be any different?

Reason #1 – No software to install

Everything required to operate the OnePosting service operates on a ‘secure cloud’. This means that it is accessible using an Internet browser so there is no software to install. Even downloading approved invoices for import to your purchase ledger is done through an Internet browser.

Reason #2 – No hardware to purchase/configure

The infrastructure for the OnePosting service is already in place. By signing up, you are just connecting to an existing service that is already serving tens of thousands of users.

Reason #3 – No interface to deploy

Keeping things simple is fundamental to the design of the OnePosting service. Approved invoices are provided in the format required by your purchase ledger so that they can be imported using standard purchase ledger functionality.

Reason #4 – No IT project for suppliers either

Suppliers simply have to submit invoices by email to a specific email address that is provided to them. That’s it!

If you operate multiple locations, they will have to include a location code in the name or address of each of the accounts that they have for you. Even that does not require IT and can be completed quickly and easily by all suppliers.

Reason #5 – No significant work for you either

Going live with OnePosting is not entirely without work, but it is very minor. The only work that has to be undertaken is:

  1. Run a series of reports from your purchase ledger, output them to file and send them to OnePosting.
  2. Provide a list of active suppliers with any contact details that you have for them.
  3. Send introductory email/letter to each supplier – OnePosting will handle all follow up.


This approach is completely different to the typical experience associated with deploying solutions in accounting functions, especially if you have deployed an accounting or ERP solution, where even minor upgrades can be problematic and require extensive testing.

With OnePosting, you simply sign up and use it! It really is that easy.

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‘Credit Management’ is the process of only extending credit to customers with good client ratings, and ensuring that customers pay their invoices within the terms agreed in their contact.

Finbarr McCarthy