Partner with OnePosting

Would your organization benefit from being a partner with OnePosting?

OnePosting is known for it’s AP and AR invoice solutions, but we have now made our Digitizer engine open to partners. We currently have partners in Fintech and back-office outsourcing, and they are experiencing the benefits of our digitizer, and how it is better than most OCR solutions.

There are some great use cases around digitizing for RPA, Fintech, BIA, ERP, back office, and other software providers. Here are a few of the benefits to partner with OnePosting

Better than OCR: Digitzer from OnePosting has a higher accuracy rate than OCR scanning. With OCR there are significant issues with the underlying technology which attempts to locate text in pictures and extract it. OCR is based on older technology and the accuracy rates can drastically fluctuate.  By using our Digitizer solution, we can achieve 100% accuracy. We have a great white paper that outlines the benefits of using OnePosting over OCR.

Cost effective: The digitizer solution leverages technology and machine learning. We are able to license that technology to partners at a very cost-effective rate. It also means, by using OnePosting you can reduce additional manual intervention that may occur if you have a manual process to deal with errors and exceptions linked with OCR.

Flexible: Our Digitizer solution can handle many different types of invoices, credit notes, supplier statements, back-up statements, and many more use cases. Let us know what documents you are hoping to digitize, and we can work through the process with you.

Support: The OnePosting team is available to support our partners not only with technical help, but also on the sales and marketing side. We have a partner community, marketing materials, case studies, and an experienced team able to support your sales engagements.

If you would like to understand the benefits to your organization in becoming a partner with OnePosting please contact us through our partner page.