Reduce Environmental Impact with AR and AP Solutions

As companies grow, their impact on the environment also increases, but there are ways in which businesses can reduce their environmental impact, and it can start with OnePosting automated AR and AP solutions.

There is a common misconception that invoices must be stored in paper format, but that is not the case. Although paper is useful, it is also a large contributor to the world’s percentage of waste. For example, 40% of the waste in the USA, is paper, all while taking up physical space in offices across the globe. Physical paper storage is a huge cost for businesses, and an unnecessary one considering digital storage and information exchange systems and solutions like OnePosting exist. The benefits to electronic invoice storage are endless, and can reduce your businesses environmental impact with just a few small changes to your internal processes. 

Here are the benefits that you and your team can experience when adopting electronic invoicing into your business process. 

Advantages of Electronic Invoicing:

  • Reduce printing, postage, paper including envelopes and eventually a reduction in mail delivery 
  • Environmental emissions when processing invoices electronically is significantly less

Advantages for Accounts Receivable 

  • Invoice takes less time to reach the customer, and reduces carbon footprint by eliminating physical mail carriers 
  • Increased control as electronic invoices can be easily tracked vs. tracking manual filing, postage and following a paper trail
  • Digital solutions allow for more remote working, and saves time on travel between offices as well as postage drop offs or pick-ups
  • Free your team to focus on other tasks.Your AR staff spend a lot of time mailing 

Advantages for Accounts Payable 

  • Reduce inbound physical mail 
  • Digital solutions allow for more remote working which saves on travel time 
  • Remove scanning or manually entering paper invoices 
  • Speed up approvals with digital access – rather than printing off supplier invoices and mailing out the physical copy 

Find out how easy it is to enhance your existing systems in a way that can bring automation, accuracy, and efficiency all while reducing your environmental impact. Connect with us today.