AP and Restaurant Invoices

Dealing with restaurant invoices from suppliers can be challenging. There are so many tasks with managing a restaurant paperwork and AP can be a chore.  There is an opportunity to use technology and streamline your Accounts Payable operations.

Automating accounts payable can remove a number of manual tasks and the associated time and cost with them. 

Here are some of the benefits of automating the processing of vendor invoices.

  • Remove paper and paper handling.
  • Stop with manual processing and keying in invoice information.
  • Reduce errors in the data extraction.
  • Allow for managers and staff to spend more time with employees and customers.
  • The restaurant invoices are immediately reflected in your financial system. This helps with cashflow and assessing profitability.
  • Support growth within the business without having to add more administrative staff.

This is the process that your restaurant invoices could follow by using OnePosting and having it connected to your financial systems.

  • The supplier sends in their PDF invoice. If everything is correct in can proceed. If it is missing information or something is incorrect it will send it back to your supplier and ask for it to be corrected.
  • If the purchase price, quantity, and PO matches then the invoice can be passed to your financial system.
  • If you have processes in place for invoices over a certain dollar value needs approval, then those can be built in,
  • The invoice is routed electronically with the supporting information for approval.  The AP team can even see the progress of this approval.  Once approved it can flow into the financial system.

If you would like to understand the benefits to your organization by using OnePosting with your restaurant invoices book a meeting with us.

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