Six Signs That It Is Time to Switch to E-Invoicing

If you are still using paper invoices, you are likely experiencing the limitations that come along with it, so it could be time to make the switch to e-invoicing and experience the ease and automation it can bring to your team.

If you have been working with paper invoices, you may assume that this is how it has always been done, and that there is no other solution. However, with paper storage comes high costs not only for your business but also your employees and of course the environment, and it might not be the best solution for the future operations of your business. So why not make the change to e-invoicing? Here are the signs that it could be time to make the switch 

  1. Customer Satisfaction – If you have received complaints from customers about problems pertaining to their invoices, or how to access them, it is a sure sign that it is time to switch to e-invoicing, and deliver their invoices in the preferred method. Give your customers the access they need and want. 
  2. Payment Delays– With paper invoices come delays when payment terms start, which means it takes longer for you to get paid. Speed up the process. 
  3. Inaccuracy– Are you finding errors on customer invoices? Accuracy is a big problem when it comes to paper invoicing. The time it takes to correct them, and re-connect with customers can put a strain on the customer relationship. A cost that is easily amenable with e-invoicing. 
  4. Poor Communication– Finding it difficult to communicate with customers? When you move to e-invoicing you find resolutions faster, solve disputes and open the lines of communication. 
  5. Staff Resources- Your staff spend a tremendous amount of time on preparing paper invoices for the post, and on manual data entry. Just imagine the amount of time that could better spent if you went digital. 
  6. High Costs – Your paper invoicing process is a major cost to your business. Not only are you taking up physical space within your office to store paper invoices, but you are also having your team carry out these tasks, which costs you money. It is time to free up your team to re-allocate them to focus on the tasks that are contributing to the growth of your business. 

These are the sure signs that it is time to switch to e-invoicing, and if you are ready to make the change connect with us, and we can find a solution that works best for your and your team.