Big Brother is Coming for Sales Tax

I am old enough to remember having to file company VAT (sales tax) returns on paper.  Accounting software would generate the figures which I then had to transcribe onto a form, put in an envelope, and send through the postal service to the tax authorities. 

Accounting software evolved to print the tax return.  It saved transcribing the figures, but the return still had to be sent in the mail. 

The next evolution was electronic filing where tax return data could be uploaded directly to the tax authorities. 

So why are tax authorities around the world moving towards CTC or Continuous Transaction Control, a means of governments getting real-time data on sales and purchases? 

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Halloween Nightmare – Supplier Invoice Processing

As the leaves turn to shades of orange and the air becomes crisp, Halloween has descended upon us with its eerie charm. 

But there’s another scary scenario that haunts finance departments year-round – supplier invoice processing, and doing it manually.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the spine-tingling, spooky world of invoices this Halloween season.  Join me and navigate through the dark corridors of manual invoice processing and uncover some tips to bring light to the darkness of this ghostly task. 

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I Hate Paper! 5 Reasons Why You Should Too

I love bookshops. 

It’s probably showing my age but when I was in school, I loved going to bookshops, browsing through shelves of books, reading summaries on the covers, looking at the number of pages, and the anticipation of finding a great story. 

There was something about the smell of freshly printed books that just can’t be replicated with digital or audio versions. 

Even today if I have time before a flight, I will head for the book section in an airport shop, although I have very little time available to read these days. 

With such a positive introduction about books, it might come as a major surprise that I hate paper. 

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