Invoice To Customer Solutions 

Invoice to customer is an automated cloud service that sends invoices, credit notes/memos, statements, and related documents to customers by email and other channels.

Simply point the invoice output from your finance system to OnePosting, and we manage the delivery of these documents to your customers in the way they have agreed to receive them.

This helps you improve customer relationships, reduces costs, accelerates payments, and more.

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The Impact of Late Payment to Suppliers

The impact of late payment to suppliers can be significant for your organization. Most of the time it is not that your organization plans to pay late it is just that you can’t process your suppliers’ invoices fast enough.  The root cause is often manual processes that lead to invoices being added manually to your financial systems. If you have paper and manual entry you should be looking for opportunities to scale accounts payable. Here are some of the examples of the impact of late payment to suppliers.

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