I Hate Paper! 5 Reasons Why You Should Too

I love bookshops. 

It’s probably showing my age but when I was in school, I loved going to bookshops, browsing through shelves of books, reading summaries on the covers, looking at the number of pages, and the anticipation of finding a great story. 

There was something about the smell of freshly printed books that just can’t be replicated with digital or audio versions. 

Even today if I have time before a flight, I will head for the book section in an airport shop, although I have very little time available to read these days. 

With such a positive introduction about books, it might come as a major surprise that I hate paper. 

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Coke or Pepsi?

In a recent podcast I was listening to, one of the presenters was challenged to a blind taste test to see if he could correctly distinguish between Coke and Pepsi. 

This reminded me of a visit to a restaurant in New York City.  I don’t remember the food, but I do remember when placing our order that the server asked what drinks we would like. 

Without looking at the drinks available, I ordered a coke.  A few minutes later our drinks arrived but when I tasted mine, I realized that it was Pepsi and not Coke.  The server had not mentioned that they didn’t serve Coke and had just given me Pepsi, probably assuming I wouldn’t notice the difference. 

At OnePosting, we see something similar occurring to clients that use our supplier invoice automation software platform to perform three-way invoice matching. 

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