New Income Stream and Strengthened Client Relationships

New Income Stream

Whether you are a Sage Reseller, Sage Tech Partner, Sage Service Delivery Partner or a Sage Advocate, the deployment of Sage Intacct with a client, places it at the core of their financial control, and gives you an opportunity to become an indispensable part of their business. 

Expand the benefits of Sage Intacct for your client by implementing our ZERO Error data extraction technology to automatically process vendor invoices, bills, credits and statements. 

You could simply implement an OCR or even an AI assisted OCR technology, but it cannot deliver 100% accuracy, and regularly leaves clients frustrated at the level of manual intervention required. 

OnePosting complements your offering by:

  • Providing clients with visibility of pricing issues on their vendor invoices 
  • Enabling clients to redeploy staff from manual, labor-intensive tasks to more productive, margin enhancing ones 
  • Enhancing the “stickiness” of your relationships with clients
  • Generating a new recurring income stream for your business 

 Key Benefits 

Increase Client Satisfaction & Retention 

Provide a new, accurate, timely data source to enable clients to manage their businesses more effectively and they will thank you for it. 

Win New Business 

Do you have a prospect you feel is wavering on the decision to select Sage Intacct? Demonstrate flexibility by showing how our ZERO Error technology linked to Sage Intacct dashboards provides tools to manage more effectively, with greater control, while streaming operations. 

New Revenue Stream 

You already have relationships with clients, so why not add a new income stream- you make the introduction, OnePosting closes the sale, and you generate a new source of income. 

Upside for Little Effort 

You know your client base, so you can easily identify prospects that could benefit from supplier invoice automation. 

Stand out from your Competition 

Recommending our ZERO Error technology, combined with Sage Intacct demonstrates innovation and adaptability that complements how you differentiate your business from your competitors. 

 Sage Intacct Reseller 

Selling and deploying Sage Intacct with clients is fundamental to your business. This gives you unique access and insights to how clients currently operate, and enables you to identify processes that can be improved. 

Supplier invoice automation is one area in which the capabilities of Sage Intacct can be enhanced through the use of our ZERO Error technology. We offer capabilities that are simply not possible using AI or OCR technologies that are widely used.

The benefits to you as a Sage Intacct Reseller to refer prospects or clients who need vendor invoice automation to OnePosting are: 

  • Gain an advantage over other solutions to win new business 
  • Enhance your position with existing clients by adding new capabilities that deliver measurable benefits to them
  • New revenue stream 
  • Low risk- a well proven technology that operates at scale for clients in North America and Europe
  • Ease of deployment- we provide implementation and support so your resources are not tied up supporting a new solution 
Sage Intacct Re-Seller

 Sage Intacct Service & Implementation Partners 

Implementation Partners

You possess a significant body of knowledge about Accounts Payable, having implemented Sage Intacct with many clients. 

This gives you a unique insight into the challenges they face, and also to identify opportunities where automation can deliver a significant, positive impact for clients. Our ZERO Error data extraction technology leads to better outcomes for clients compared to AI and OCR. 

The OnePosting solution enables you as a Sage Intacct Service and Implementation Partner to enhance your services by:

  • Providing new performance metrics for your clients’ finance teams 
  • Enabling clients to identify “hidden” cost variations from vendors they may not see with a vanilla installation of Sage Intacct
  • Identifying opportunities for clients to leverage new technology capabilities to streamline their operations 

 Sage Intacct Tech Partner

You have developed a solution that integrates with Sage Intacct, but there may be opportunities to generate an additional income stream by referring existing clients to OnePosting to deploy the ZERO Error technology, to deliver a “state of the art” supplier invoice automation solution. 

Consider referring OnePosting if your solution integrates any of the following with Sage Intacct: 

  • Purchase orders 
  • Receipts 
  • Vendor invoices 
  • Stock movements 
  • Customer invoices 

Event if it doesn’t, it is worth considering if you can add value to a client by introducing a solution that offers signifiant operational and financial benefits. 

Referrals to OnePosting can:

  • Generate a new recurring revenue stream for your business
  • Enhance your existing solution
  • Embed your business more firmly with your client 
Tech Partner

 Sage Intacct Advocates & Referral Partners 

Referral Partners

Recommending Sage Intacct is a “no brainer.” It is a powerful, financial solution from a reputable provider. 

It should also be a “no brainer” to recommend OnePosting in situations where an organization has a high volume of vendor invoices to process. Our ZERO Error technology provides customers with timely and accurate information that they can use to operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Just like a Sage referral, we manage client setup and ongoing support. When recommending Sage Intacct, why not recommend the OnePosting’s supplier invoice automation service too? Or perhaps you have recommended a client to Sage Intacct previously, and know that they can benefit from supplier invoice automation? 

Leverage your client knowledge to:

  • Generate an additional income stream
  • Ask your contacts for other referrals to generate further income streams 


Becoming a Sage Intacct- OnePosting Partner

The best way to discover if OnePosting is a fit for your client is to connect with us. Together, we can look at the industry sectors of your clients, the nature of their business, typical volume of vendor received, typical current processes, and any other insights you may have, while we jointly agree if there may be a fit for any of your clients for the OnePosting service. 

It takes just a 17 minute video or call to establish if there is a mutual benefit in proceeding any further. Book a meeting with us at a time that suits you, and we can show you the endless benefits that OnePosting provides.