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Controlling costs is vital to protecting margins in the retail sector. Aside from keeping overheads to a minimum, which OnePosting facilitates through automating supplier invoice processing, electronic price checking eliminates human error when comparing the planned purchase price with the invoiced price. 

The use of purchase orders combined with automated price checking when invoices are received from suppliers, helps ensure that all expected discounts are obtained, purchase pricing is correct and margins are protected.

Where goods received details can be obtained from ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale Systems), the quantities received can be compared electronically to the quantities invoiced. As well as ensuring that you have received what you are being invoiced for, your gross margin is protected since you can see what stock has not yet been received. 

There is no IT spend or infrastructure involved, and our industry leading invoice reading technology ensures that we’ll have you up and running in no time. 


An innovative use of OnePosting in retail is to update stock levels using ePOS systems from supplier invoices. This is particularly important for retailers selling high volumes of low value items, where the cost of the traditional goods received process cannot be justified. 

Instead of having to scan/input every item received into stock, stores can check off items received on paper and discrepancies can be identified. Data extracted from supplier invoices can be imported into the ePOS goods receipt process. The discrepancies can be quickly identified, and adjustments made if necessary, based on the actual delivery quantities from an invoice. 

As well as updating stock levels, OnePosting’s platform also identifies issues with invoices, quickly and easily.  




Reduce supplier invoice processing costs 

Pricing can be checked automatically to eliminate errors and protect margins 

Quantities received can be checked against quantities invoices to guard against short shipments 

Invoice data can be used to help update stock levels to facilitate “live stock” being used in every stores

Provides visibility to the central finance team for all invoices, including those for deliveries made direct to store

Workflows available to handle invoice discrepancies





EXPERTISE: OnePosting is managed by the most experienced team in the industry that have been automating invoice processing for over 25 years

BEST FIT: We listen to our clients until we understand their needs. Only then do we provide specialized automated invoicing solutions that streamlines processing, improves accuracy, and generates significant financial benefit to your business 

CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: OnePosting’s solution does it all. Our unique, world leading technology is scalable to service clients and improve efficiencies. It is simple to use and easy to integrate. 

SUPPORT: Our invoice automation solution is backed up by world class support and a consistent approach to implementation and rollout 




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