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Receiving Invoices

Your organization has chosen to implement the OnePosting service to receive invoices electronically from suppliers.  This will have the following impact on you:

  1. It will remove paper from the process – no more filing or paper handling
  2. You may receive notifications whenever there are invoices that require your approval
  3. Alternatively, you can login to view all invoices that require your attention
  4. You will receive reminders if invoices are not approved within a target time frame
  5. All invoices will be accessible online for 7 years


First Line Approval

Any invoices that are not automatically approved by OnePosting require at least one person to approve them.  Instructions on how to approve invoices are contained in the following video:



Second Line Approval

Invoices that require manual approval often need a second person to verify them before they are fully approved.

If you are a second-line approver, then you will only see invoices that have already been approved by a first-line approver.  Instructions on how to approve invoices at a second or subsequent stage of approval are contained in the following video:



Applying GL or Nominal Codes

OnePosting ‘learns’ the GL/Nominal codes that are applied to purchase invoices and can apply them automatically.

To do this, it requires someone to specify the relationship between a GL/Nominal code and a supplier/product/cost centre combination.  Once this relationship has been established, GL/Nominal codes can be applied automatically.

The video with instructions on how to specify GL/Nominal codes is as follows:



Need further assistance?

If you need further assistance with invoice approval or applying GL/Nominal codes, please check out OnePosting Support.